The CultureMate Story

We believe people come to Australia with big dreams, arriving here with a strong desire to take an active role in nation building as citizens, workers, parents, students and neighbours. 

Successful organisations know how to leverage cultural diversity. We work with government, community and business to make cultural diversity a driver for social cohesion and economic prosperity.

We have worked in the multicultural sector for a long time and feel it is time for a change – how are we developing the capacity of our clients if we are called in to consult each time the diversity word pops up!

Cultural competence should be ingrained within organsiations as a part of their practice – not an add on. For this reason, we firmly believe that the tools essential to building cultural competence, are put directly in the hands of our clients….this is where the idea for CultureMate was born.

Watch a short video that we put together about CultureMate, why it was built and how our clients are using it:

The CultureMate Video Tutorial

Our video tutorial is a great way to familiarise yourself with the product.

This video tutorial will give you some background on CultureMate and walk you through the three products in detail.